How many requests are too many requests?

Posted in General by Ilie Ciotir Fri Feb 20 2015 15:45:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·3·Viewed 3,430 times

Hey, While sending Yo's I received a too many requests response. I was wondering how many Yo's can be sent before that happens? I didn't see that specified anywhere in the documentation. Thanks, Ilie
Mar 25, 2015

I could talk with people mail support and when I asked the information they replied: "We recommend not sending more than 1-3 Yo's a week."

But the evidence that I could make you can only send 3 per day maximum, returns after error that many requests.

Mar 26, 2015

Thanks for the info. <br/> I did manage to send more than 3 per day. <br/> I was expecting quite a lot more since in a presentation on InfoQ Or said he was expecting this service to be used by places like starbucks in order to notify clients that their orders are ready. It would be pretty bad if this could only be done 3 times a week.

June 1, 2015

I've sent over a hundred today in testing... never had a failure. I thought the limit was 200/minute? You sure you haven't got some type of infinite Yo loop going on?

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